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Japan Society for Research Policy and
Innovation Management



Science and technology (S&T) is the base of development in industry, region, country and human society. How to use S&T for economic, societal, cultural development and creation of innovation, and how to manage the research and development (R&D) for national policy and corporate management have become one of the most important issues. It is necessary to encourage creativity, to promote effective research and efficient technology development and to form original system of innovation in harmony with human, society and nature. For this purpose, we investigate and theorize the essential properties of the R&D process and improve them in the practical process. The society will address “basic knowledge system” and “accumulation of diverse practical knowledge” broadly related to management of society and economics and relevant policy based on R&D and Innovation.

The example issues of the society are;

  1. Strategy, planning and management related to R&D and Innovation
  2. Corporate management towards creation of innovation
  3. Analysis, evaluation and proposal of policy for S&T and Innovation
  4. International strategy and national system of innovation
  5. Correspondence to change of the society due to the development of S&T
  6. Promotion of public understanding of S&T and Innovation

which include wide subjects of industry, academia and public research institutes and regional, national and international subjects as well as sector innovation systems, industry-academia linkages, and human capital development for innovation.

Purpose of the Society

○ Improvement of corporate management towards the creation of innovation

○ Analysis, evaluation and proposal of policy for S&T and Innovation

with academic study and research exchange for management and policy related to R&D and Innovation.

 Society members

The Society is composed of people of a wide range of fields in the following;

  • Corporate member for R&D management and management of technology and innovation
  • Planning officer for the S&T and Innovation related policies
  • Director, staff and manager of national and public research institutes
  • Research directors in universities and operating personnel of research organizations
  • Manager and researchers of think tanks and consultants for strategic management of technology
  • Research managers of research organizations
  • Journalist
  • Researchers on research policy and management of technology and innovation


Personal members: 931 (full member 887, group member 6, student member 38)
Corporate members: 11 companies(2015 September 30)

Foundation of Society

October 1985

Major Activities

○Annual Academic Conference (autumn)
The annual conference is held in autumn and it will be held on 5th and 6th, November 2016 at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo.

○Annual Symposium (spring)
The annual symposium is held in spring on the corresponding themes.

○Study Groups
10 study groups are working individually and regularly.
Any member in the society can participate in every study group.

○ Publication of academic journal
“The Journal of Science Policy and Research Management” is published quarterly.

31st Annual Academic Conference

Dates:        5th (Saturday)~6th (Sunday) November 2016
Place:        Aoyama Campus, Aoyama Gakuin University

Paper registration – 8th August, 2016
Paper submission – 20th September, 2016

第31回年次学術大会 一般講演募集要領[受付終了しました]